Monday 10 December 2012

Employee Tracking App- A great utility product

Is it that you are an employer who is on a look out for convenient ways to quickly locate your employees? Or are you in charge of a sales team which is out "in the field" and you desperately need a way to track their position for safety reasons or perhaps any other reason? If such a situation mirrors yours, then you should heave a sigh of relief as there is comprehensive solution available in the form of a BlackBerry GPS app which in itself is a great low-cost solution. 


Well, a BlackBerry GPS app is a cell phone tracking app built exclusively for BlackBerry cell phones. Installation is done via the BlackBerry's web browser and usually takes anywhere from 5-15 minutes per device. After installation, this tracking app enables you to track the location of any BlackBerry phone that has the tracking application installed. Not only can the BB GPS app, monitor employee locations it also allows you to know their whereabouts in case of emergency. 
Find the GPS Employee Location Tracking Software

 The app works by constantly recording the GPS location of the Blackberry being tracked. The GPS co-ordinates are then uploaded from the cellphone to a remote server, this is done at various intervals. The Administrator is then able to view the location information on an online site. The web based dashboard lists all the GPS locations. In addition to the the location a time and date stamp is also shown, providing historical tracking information. To view more detailed information, simply click on a location and you will see where the GPS location is on a map. 

An employee location tracking app of this caliber has a large number of obvious benefits. As an employer of field based teams a BB tracking app renders a perfect way to track the team location without actually requiring input from the employees themselves. Priced under $50, this GPS tracking app is a lot more cost effective than any vehicle based GPS system. Ironically, vehicle based systems can still be rendered ineffective if your employee leaves the vehicle parked and uses public transport to visit clients but amazingly a Blackberry GPS tracking app remains with the employee throughout the journey. Also, this type of GPS tracking app works irrespective of which country or for that matter in any part of the globe. 

While most bosses like to assume their employees are behaving in a professional, productive manner, there is always the chance that one of them may be wasting your valuable time and money. Whether you're suspicious of an overly long lunch break or you simply want to make sure that your employee behaves professionally while overseas, this software may very well be exactly what you're looking for.

Thursday 6 December 2012

Make the apt use of technology to increase the productivity of your firm

Being an owner of a huge organization puts a lot of burden on a person’s shoulders. He has to keep a track of how everything is going on in the organization. Especially for the firms that involve a lot of field based tasks to be done by the employees it can be very costly and time consuming task to keep a record of their position and efficiency.

Blackberry Tracking Software
Blackberry Tracking
For all such business owners, Blackberry tracking can be a reliable and cost effective tool. With the help of the BB tracking application, the current location of the employees can be kept a track of in a very convenient manner. This not only helps the employers to enable timely execution of the tasks but also lets the employee contact his superior immediately in case he requires any kind of assistance. 
How it works 

The Blackberry tracking application is just like any other application software which can be easily installed on any BB cell phone. As soon as the application is installed, the location of all the devices can be easily determined by the administrator. It is based on the GPS technology.

Various big firms have earned many benefits employing this technology. It is much more resourceful and cost efficient than getting GPS systems installed in the company vehicles. In many kinds of businesses, it is very important to regulate the whole process according to the time taken by each step for execution. A better evaluation of the productivity of the firm can be done if the time consumed at every step is known. The customers will also be more satisfied if they know the exact time when their order or the company executive is going to reach him. For the survival of a competent firm in today’s unpredictable economy, it is imperative to make the apt use of technology.

Monday 1 October 2012

Sky-Scraping Features Of Cell Phone Trackers

With the advancement in technology, mobile software has become very famous. Now the phones could be easily changed into a multitasking machine. The latest introduction of GPS (Global Positioning System) technology has made cell phone more liable and trustworthy. Mobile phone tracking could be used for both professional and personal basis.     

All you need is to get an access to the cellphone tracker application. These applications are to be downloaded on your cell phone and then installed and subsequently see that you could track any cell phone in any part of the world.

how mobile tracker works
Catalog of features that these mobile phone tracking offers:

Accurate location tracking: with the tracking application you could easily trace the exact location of the phone and its user in no time. This device is being highly used in businesses so that coordination could be maintained if someone is controlling the business from outside the premises. Shipment business owners have successfully installed the tracking devices. For instance, if you lose your cell phone in public place, you could track it easily by simply detecting its position.

Tracking Record: there are some professionals who are into the travel business and need to file their logs. Filing for logs turns out be a nasty task when you are unnecessary questioned over foolish things, if this application is installed in your phone, then you could easily access the history and submit the same to the staff. With this, a transparency could be maintained between both employee and employer.

Automatic Tracking System: with the use of mobile tracker, you could beforehand set your mobile in advance so that you receive automatic updates periodically. Time to time, you would manage to reach your desired location and even receive the alerts. Just the date and time is to be set in your phone and in return it would show the detail of location at the required time.

Thursday 27 September 2012

The Era of GPS Tracking Mechanisms

Almost all mobile devices today come equipped with GPS technology. GPS mechanisms have greatly facilitated the way how the people can keep track of their loved ones and how the employer can keep track of their mobile workforce. The idea is wonderful and is accepted all over the world. Its use has significantly increased in very short duration of time. The mobile phones these days have embedded function and are capable to support advanced services for instance global navigator. The display can be easily connected to a laptop or a PDA.

With this technology, the mobile devices cannot be taken less than a mini computer. The only thing required is activating the relevant service and there you go. The device will itself guide the user in a pleasant voice. The GPS cell tracking system is commonly used to track lost people and illegal actions in real time. It can also be employed to provide information about the adjacent locations, directions to specific destinations and much more. With the aid of Global Positioning System enabled device, one can never lose its way in a new city or country.            

Gps Cell Tracking Software

Services Offered by the Tracking Companies

The companies which provide tacking services may provide the amenity of a personalized Mapping portal. The benefit of mapping portal lies in the ability to track ones in field devices, also to view the location of the mobile employees. One can also set custom alerts to notify when a specific staff member reaches a destination, historical reports can be generated and what not.

Along with the GPS cell tracking the companies can offer a huge variety of tracking services which may include Mobile Workforce Tracking and Safety, Senior Care and Personal Safety, Container Tracking, Pallet tracking and Supply Chain Validation, Asset Security, Vehicle and Fleet Tracking, Motorcycle and Recreational Vehicle Tracking.

Saturday 21 July 2012

Advantages of GPS cell phone tracking

With each year passing, pouring in is the new techniques and inventions. If one thinks about his cell phone, he would realize that from browsing internet, watching movies, listening music, playing games, installing various software, application all is possible without any doubt. Incorporating to all the features, comes one more features for cell phones i.e. GPS tracking.

GPS cell tracking is a platform that allows locating your location using the satellite tracking.  This criterion is same as the one you all must have seen in your cars after the name GPS vehicle tracking system.
There are many phones that come with in-built GPS features and allow tracking. On the other hand the cell phones that do not have this facility, require installing the GPS software program that is compatible with the your hand set and connects easily to the third party that is readily offering you with the service free of cost.

There is much functionality that is possible via GPS cell tracking Software like you are able to see the location of another phone on your phone without the help of the PC. You can map out the location as to where are you and design an ideal path if you are lost by chance. Apart from these, one can always calculate the speed of the phone moving, direction of the phone and even calculate the altitude. The most remarkable feature is calculating the position of the person using the cell phone in real time.

 Many advantages also accompany the GPS cell tracking  software. The foremost advantage is for the parents who want to track every movement of their child. Every child on this earth demands for the cell phone in the beginning, so it is obvious that everyone ought to has one, and this can be the ideal way of ensuring as to how safe is their child when he is out. Parents are really busy in their hectic life, so for them it is the ideal solution.

Vital importance is seen during security and emergencies. If, by chance the phone gets lost, it can be easily tracked back. There are many people who leave there phones in the car and then they get lost, for them it is best. People, who go on camping trip and would want that his family to know all his spots then, it is very friendly system.

Tracking employee is one of its ideal benefits. If one is the owner of business and wants to keep a check on his employee can readily get the software installed and keep an eye on all the employees. He’ll come to know as to which employee is lying and who is trustworthy. Job record can also be kept. Some might endow with advanced features like accounting, analysis; charting etc. Privacy is the main aspect of concern; go for the company that guarantees 100 percent security an in past has good scale of efficient work.

Sunday 17 June 2012

Cell Phone Tracking System- A modern Way to Track Phone’s Location

With an advancement in mobile technology, we can enjoy different applications and features in our cell phones. We can access any application according to our preference and requirement. Moreover, we can download various types of applications that can be installed in the mobile phone. This shows the latest advancements in the same field. Now days, you can find an effective cellphone tracking system in almost every cell phone. This feature comes inbuilt in the mobile phone.

There are some telephone companies that offer the top class and best selling handsets that comes with a good tracking system with GPS technology. It helps to find out the correct location of the mobile phone due to the addition of Assisted Global Positioning System. The technology is coming in the high quality phones and is high in demand. These phones are becoming the best selling phones among all.

In Assisted Global Positioning, the word assisted means that the mobile phone’s position can be trace out with the help of information provided by this technology and also through cell phone towers on land. With all the benefits related to this technology, there are some demerits as well which are associated with the same. However the advantages overshadow the disadvantages. The major problems associated with the same are the high cost and privacy. It requires huge investments to empower the technology and setting up the antenna network at different locations. The network of GPS can be used free of cost. A person has to tell the telecom company to activate the same on his phone. In some cases, you may also require availing the same services from a third party and for that you need to pay some amount of charge to them. The phones that come with the  mobile tracker technology look more stylish and hence more costly as well as compared to the normal phones.

With the advancement in this technology, the fear of theft and privacy tracking has also been aroused. The users are generally alarmed about their sites and are easily accessible that can spoil their privacy especially when they are on a holiday tour or some official tour. This could be annoying for them. In the coming future, location based advertisements will be started and definitely no one would want to get spammed with loads of offers and advertisements every time they walk up through the street or nay shopping malls for their personal enjoyment. The advantages related to this technology helps in various circumstances. 

 With the help of an effective GPS technology, parents can find out the exact location of their children. There are some specific help line numbers as well, on which whenever you call, you can get the possible assistance that is required at different locations. There have been incidents of kidnappings that became unsuccessful because of blackberry tracking system. The navigation system can be effectively used for exploring new destinations. Even if you are lost at some place, use this system to find out an exact way to reach your destination point. The latest software can also be uploaded on the mobile phone to be used as travel and tour guide with effective GPS functioning.